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GTV Cycling Solutions

Car-to-rider communication solution for your team
Portable communication packs for overseas races
We can help you with radio licencing and frequency plan.
Dedicated GTV serviceteam for maintenance of your equipment.

Nowadays, a lot of teams are allowed to wear a race radio that allows real-time communication with their team director. Radio communication is a game-changer for the race: communication with your riders and within the team is essential for the day-by-day life of the team.

With over 35 years of communication experience in a variety of fields, our company can provide your team with the best wireless (radio) technology supporting rider and staff: digital handheld radios, car radios, wireless headsets, digital satellite television, beamers and big screens in team buses, …

Of our 35 employees, 70% is technically qualified. GTV is more than a box mover or hardware supplier: we assist and consult teams with their complete connectivity plan. We fly international on-site and can construct multi-channel platforms tailor-made solutions.

What we offer is not a standard radio communication system, but custom made solutions. You tell us what you want and we will look for the best solution, resulting in a complete personalized packet. We have the best materials, the best support and we are always innovating. You can count on us for a correct and specific installation, which we will easily remove afterwards, leaving no damage.

On communication level, GTV is supplier of several cycling teams, organisations and federations. In cooperation with media-partners, we provide a complete plug and play communication platform.

We already collaborated with:

  • 11 pro-tour teams in 2015
  • 10 pro-continental teams
  • Dozens of other teams and federations

How can we support you

  • Technical interventions in our offices / workplace
  • Custom made manuals for each car-setup
  • On-site service in Belgium and abroad


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