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Midland Bt1 Intercom
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Midland BT1 is the new Intercom Driver & Pillion Base system, designed for satisfying the bikers who want to communicate in a simple and committable way with a unique and practical device while riding.

The two devices are already matched, you just have to fit them to the helmet and start to talk !

Midland BT1 Intercom allows the driver's device to be connected via Bluetooth to his own mobile phone or GPS.

The driver's device, if used in combination with a mobile phone with MP3 player feature, can directly manage the FORWARD/REPLAY and PLAY/STOP controls from the Intercom System.

The passenger's device can not be associeted to other Bluetooth device (mobile phone, GPS and iPod/Mp3).

Midland BT1 Driver and Pillon are fitted with a plug that enables the device to be wired to an iPod/Mp3 player and to PMR446 transceivers for bike to bike group communication.

  • Bluetooth version 2.0 stereo (Headset/Hands-free/A2DP protocol)
  • Vox for hands free activation of the Intercom and phone call answer
  • AGC technology to automatically adjust volume when noise and speed change
  • Control buttons : Intercom, Phone, AUX (wired device)
  • Up to 8 hours of conversation and 1 week in stand-by

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